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There are people who love pets and don't want to part with them. And many of them are divided into dog and cat lovers. Today in the Internet you can find a big amount of videos with pets, both with dogs and cats and most people cannot decide who is the cutest. To find out the results of this battle check out this interesting infographic.
Most people want to be surrounded by their favorite dog or cat. Fortunately, there are restaurants and other places of interest, that allow cats and dogs inside! What is more, there are different menus for people and pets.

Well, in many countries (USA is one of them) it is prohibited by law to have a pet in a restaurant. The exceptions can be made for people with disabilities and their service animals in absolutely all areas. In other cases restrictions apply for dogs only. Which means that if you have a gunea pig, cat or cockatoo you can take them with you if they are quiet enough and will not bother other guests.

Many pet-friendly restaurants are not really ones. They allow to have pets but will force you to keep them outside the restaurant. The name sounds like a sort of oxymoron. You can seat inside but your pets will have to stay outside the building It is not fair and such restaurants can't be called pet-friendly ones. It should also be mentioned that only some pets can accompany their owners to the entrance!

As you can see, there are not many really pet-friendly restaurants. If you have found one, let us know and we will definitely discuss it.

In order to bring up your kid a responsible person it is very important to teach him to take care of pets. Representatives of Childengagementconference concluded that restaurant for pets is a perfect place for kid to contact pets and learn how to get along with them.

Upcoming events

December 25th, 2013. We are happy to inform you about the upcoming lecture that will be conducted by the leading counseling specialist from CounselingCove Ltd. about the effect animals have on the emotional state of a person. The lecture will be interesting both for children and their parents. Looking forward to meet you in our restaurant!

February, the 3rd 2014. How yoga helps to keep your mind sound and your body fit - a lecture with gurus. Pets are allowed.

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